Sunday, September 24, 2006

How To Deliver Tough Messages Effectively

Andy Szpekman talks about how individuals and organizations can use the challenge of delivering tough messages to enhance credibility and build trust. This is a recap of a workshop that he delivered for Communitelligence in mid-2006.

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Reducing Accidents & Saving Lives at BP Lubricants

This conversation with Jacqui Hitt of The JMH Consultancy discusses the IABC Gold Quill Award she earned with Jeff Davies of the BP Lubricants division. This communication program focused on changing behavior to reduce accidents and ultimately save lives. It is a perfect example of how to deal with what she calls "the fallacy of communication," in which people focus more on the message going in than the desired behaviors coming out. She focused on what came out and the result was an IABC Gold Quill Award.

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